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TITLE; Hello 2018
Tuesday, January 2, 2018 | 11:13 AM | 0 comments
Okay.. Actually I'm not ready at all for 2018. Not.At.Alllllllllllllllllllllllll

Can we go back? I feel more comfortable in 2017. I have not really celebrated Christmas and the Year End holidays. Can you give them back to meeee before you push 2018 into my face. Sigh.. I felt like I was pushed into 2018 without my "luggages" everything is new except it's not so new either.. 

Neways, let's see where I've been to in 2017 shall we? Can't really remember the things  I've "achieved" in 2017 but I'll list down the places I've been to because I feel that it makes me grow every time I'm in someplace new. 


  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Singapore
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Nha Trang, Vietnam
  • Luang Prabang, Laos
  • Singapore
9 trips. Same amount as last year but different experiences and different purposes. This year was a first for a few destinations. Thanks to work, if not for work, I don't think I'll be in these places so soon. 

I'll delve deeper into those trips in the next post. Need some time to dig those pictures out.. And I'm actually at work. Heeeeeee

Please let 2018 be good to me. Lesser drama, lesser stress and lesser stupid people. 

Thanks. ( and it's only 11.13AM.. time is awfully slowwwww)

TITLE; Friendship is a piece of crap
Thursday, December 28, 2017 | 2:20 PM | 0 comments
Before you read any of this, this is just purely thoughts that I have a hard time keeping to myself so i'm spilling it here instead of seeking attention in social media. So, if you wanna judge or comment, go find someone else on the social media platform for that. thanks. 

Today I have learned what friendship is.. Nothing but drama and whose side to pick on and it matters a great deal that you need to instastory when you go out.. Because all that effort will go to waste if it is not posted on social media. It is not for the person you are doing it for, it is not the thought that counts, it is not the appreciation they want unless it is posted for the world to see and gratitude expressed with evidence of effort posted all over for the world to see. 

I am truly sick and tired of being the middle person.. a position i did not ask for nor wish to be in.. I am utterly disappointed at how things have turned out when all I was trying to do was to prevent and avoid more drama. Whether or not it is the right solution, i do not know.. but it is better than telling the truth or be honest because then that will be something that I cannot take back and it gives people a chance to make things bigger than it seems. 

I dont get why when you're trying to be neutral, its even worse.. i dont like picking sides and then talking bad about each person to someone else behind their back... because i believe in karma and i hate someone doing that to me so why would i want to do it to someone else.

All I asked for was a peaceful Christmas... perhaps that's the price I have to pay..

The definition of friendship for each person is different. Some expect you to sacrifice the same that they did for you, some wants you to choose them as default best friend all the time, some feels offended no matter what you say, some needs attention all the time, some just wants to compete with other people, some just need to flaunt to the world what good friends you guys are. 

Then after that what? So ppl forget what you do for them when the world isn't looking, people find faults in you all the time, people talk behind your back, people claim to be your friend and do things for you but you HAVE to appreciate them the way they think they should be appreciated. 

You can call me bitter and yeah sure why look at the world like this, there are so many nicer people, not all think like this.. Yeah I agree. But then again this is about me and about what i'm going through and what i'd like to rant in here because I can't do this anywhere else.

Sometimes I wonder just why do i need to keep it in? Why when something happens, I need to let it go? Other people can just scream at your face, blame you for it, and just for the sake of not making things worse, people ask you to chill and just ignore, forget about it. WHY? Why should I chill this time? Why can't they chill and take a moment to ponder if the issue is worth the big fuss that they are about to make of it. 

Ignorance is bliss and patience is a virtue. But there's also a moment where a person reaches their limit and feel wronged for everything that's happening right? So sometimes I feel that it is so much better to be alone. Because the only drama you get is the one you have with yourself. There's no need to think before you talk, no need to think before you do, don't need to care about another's feelings and no consequences for whatever that you wish to do. 

I just want peace. I cannot please everyone and I dont want to. I just do not want to waste time on meaningless happenings like these when there's so much things you can do/learn or just have time for yourself. Can someone just erase my memories and feelings? I'm so tired. My brain is tired. 


TITLE; Can I please have a peaceful Christmas?
Thursday, December 21, 2017 | 4:34 PM | 0 comments
All I want for Christmas is a quiet, peaceful, stress-free time.


TITLE; Time out
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 | 12:32 AM | 0 comments
I need me some music and a break from negativity. My mind seems to be having a marathon spree. Just won't stop "working"... I don't know how to make it stop... It just goes round and round and I'm really tired and fedup.. I need to decide what is crossing the line but too many times I'm stuck at wondering if I'm the problem.. Okay I'm sure I'm not completely "innocent" but I do reciprocate the things people do/ the vibes they give... And I'm stuck... An endless loop of mind running loose.. Can anyone stop this?

 I guess everyone has their insecurities and troubles.. But why do I feel like mine is being amplified? It has always been like this since young.. Have I used up all my ignorance quota? Where can I refill? Why do I end up doing this to myself everytime? 

So last Friday, Chester Bennington from LP died. Okay I'm not going to dedicate a post to him because I'm not his biggest fan nor do I know all their songs.. It's just sad to hear that someone passed away and hanged themself no less... He reminds me of this primary school friend of mine.. We used to take the bus together and then found out she lived right behind my grandparent's house.. So we were quite close and all.. She used to draw love Garfield and I'd see all her drawings and sometimes get her to draw so that I could see.. 

She was the one who came to me one day and said she liked another band ( please note that we were in the westlife era and named them our husbands... LOL) and we were like who? Linkin Park? Chester Bennington? I don't know them.. Then I saw them on MTV and I'm like that would never be my genre and they are too rock for my liking... I only heard and remembered crawling.. The rest I probably heard them from time to time but I never took notice of.. So eventually we went to high school and then things happened between the cool kids and the goody two shoes.. So that's the end of our friendship... I don't know what she's doing right now but they were good memories =]

Imma update my happy list here but in points because I already wrote 3 paragraphs.. Did I tell you how hard it is to type with a 'keyboard cover'? lel 

19th July Day 4 - I went out on this day too... I probably did some exercise.. lol 
20th July Day 5 - Stayed home after work but I forgot what I did.. >< so much for being productive -__-
Weekends ( 21st/22nd/23rd) - Soooo weekends are fun days.. Idiot and I went back to a cafe and reminisce on old days. lol.... I get to satisfy my scone cravings.. Was semangated to go for a run with the bunch of colleagues but then we went there, parked, took picture and bailed.. don't ask me how it happened... >< 
24 July Day 6 - I went out for dinner yesterday and had an emotional breakdown in front of idiot yesterday.. lol sooo not that productive
25 July Day 7 - I made soup today though... Bought the ingredients when I was out ytd... Grandma would be so proud of me. I wish you can see this... or taste it... 

Sooo that's about it... Till the next round of exhaustion...

TITLE; Day 2 & 3
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 | 11:22 PM | 0 comments
Hello, it's me again! So, I'm back with updates on happy project! So, last post was on 13th July, Thursday and that was Day 1. I took a break after that... HAHAHHAHAHAH cos it's the weekend and weekend are happy days. LOOOOOLLL

Neways for Day 2, I rearranged my clothes... I managed to only throw away 3 but stilll better than noneee... and I did save some space and it looks more organized... lol It wasnt much but then I do feel like I did something instead of nothing.. Although I'm not going to complain about doing nothing... heeeeee... 

Sooo the rest of the days I took a break because those are happy, carefree days.. We were supposed to stay home and spend less but we ended up in MV and spent close to 1k. lol not me, idiot did.. I saw a pair of flats from Charles & Keith with discount! lol.. While idiot spotted a pair of new NMDs in JD...( that's where most of the 1k went) and then Saturday was spent with me complaining about monthly bloodfall and we went to this quaint little place to try their hoppers, raya open house and bbq for dinner! Sunday was left for grocery shopping and I managed to get idiot to let me eat ice cream. Had a terrible headache in the evening though. Slept for two hrs and went McD drive thru and camped in the car with my sis. Good weekend I guess =]

Then there's Monday.. Not too bad, we went for briyani anddddd watched some videos and headed home cos we needed to cure our Monday blues. And today I cooked pasta because I get to be home by 8! So cooked, washed, packed in within an hour and a half! That's Day 3! =] Imma gonna go exercise abit and work on my anni. project. Not sure if it's the happy project but I do feel like I want to do more than just lazing around. I'm not going to completely turn my turbo mode on and keep finding things to do. But I think this helps.. doing one thing at a time. =]

Kayyy nitey nites for nowwww...

TITLE; Happy List - Day 1
Thursday, July 13, 2017 | 5:53 PM | 0 comments
Remember ytd's post about feeling empty and searching for happiness? So I saved this pin and haven't got to reading the whole post yet.. But Imma gonna adapt some of those and do something each day to get back on "track". And I do hope it helps because I don't know what's wrong with me and what to do to fix it. 

So Day 1's task is watching a movie. I went out and watched Spidey with idiot yesterday. Not a bad one after all those countless versions of Spiderman. But this one impressive but unimpressive. Impressive because it's different and it's the suit that helps him. -Take a break- Talking about that suit, effing amazingggggggggggggg with the different version of webs and improvisation. -okay back to topic- but at the same time I was expecting the typical getting his suit back and saving the world. Thats the unimpressive part, how can you fight without your suit and then don't die? I know cause he's spiderman but he's not superhero, hero yet lol... 

And also, something happened before our movie yesterday. My slipper broke and somehow it's like test of idiot's love for me. He ran two floors down to get me a pair of new slippers from cotton on. With my broken slipper. hahhahahahaha... Love you okayy and thanks for saving me in my times of need. xD See I gave you a paragraph on my post. #loveisnotdead #faithrestored #happytohaveyou 

Soooo that's for Day 1. And period came and woke me up because I wasn't prepared for it and it stained my "stuffs" so I woke up early and get ready for work and go back to bed and nap for 20 mins before its time to leave the house. xD Liddat also can right.. yeahhh makes me feel like I still have time to nap before work and feel happier xD 

Also, I got a free cake from a boss from another department. We were at airport for lunch and dropped by Starbucks, so someone's leaving so the boss did a tour around the airport and their second last stop was Starbucks and we were there and he said go ahead and order. We were like, okayy thanks boss? So i got a cake butttt the cake sucks.. Wasted that boss's money. Do not buy cake from Starbucks when you're airport okay!

Kayyyy that's all for today.

Image result for spiderman meme

Image result for spiderman meme

TITLE; Happy Lists?
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 | 5:30 PM | 0 comments
I have decided to be happy. LOL. This sounds very sad.. Neways what I meant was that I realized I feel empty when I'm home on weekdays after work. So what lead to this was, ever since idiot came around, half the time we're out on weekdays for dinner and by the time i'm home, its time to hit the bed (because i'm a very sleepy person). Or at least I feel that half the time I was out ( for the past year); if not with idiot then the occasional meet ups with friends and stuffs. 

So recently I have some time on my hands during weekdays because we both felt like we need to rest early so we just text or video call from home. I used to complain about not having enough time on weekdays because our journey from office to home itself takes about 1 hr and 15 mins and we don't leave 6 sharp. I would say I'm very happy when I get to see my bed at 8pm. 

So, the main point is, for the past week, I find myself looking for things to do. So it has been bugging me like didn't I say I have a lot of things to do when I get home? But what are those things again? But then I'm too tired for stuffs like laundry or cleaning or cooking. So I spent most of my time lazing in bed looking at crap stuffs and then finally pick myself up from bed and shower. And then in bed again till bed time. Then again I tried to remember what I do when I come home on weekdays before idiot? I don't remember. Maybe drama? But starting a drama is a commitment I do not want to have right now. I will sleep late and then get distracted during working hours.. LOL 

Sooooo what other stuffs then? And then also the quarter life crisis that's bothering me. At that junction where you don't know where to go or what to do or what defines you or what happens next. In short, mind's a mess and feeling restless. So I stumbled on a list of things to do to that will "supposedly" make you feel better and maybe with that I'll slowly be more organized and hopefully not feeling restless anymore. So tonight's first task is to go out for a movie. xD

Okay, that's because we wanted to watch Spidey since last week LOL but the list did say to go out.. So i guess I'll swap some of the days.. xD Let me share the list later.. But for now, Imma going to try and start this Happy List "thingy". 


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